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As my daughter has suffered with allergies all her life I know how stressful and at times upsetting allergies can be.

You will be happy to know that I do indeed cater for Vegan (Dairy Free) and Gluten Free diets! Or you can also mix the two! 

At Quite Contrary Cakes we would love everyone who loves cake to enjoy our cakes, even if they have allergies or special dietary requirements, and I can supply gluten-free egg-free cakes, BUT I don’t have a gluten-free, egg-free  kitchen and it is possible that traces of these allergens may be present even in my ‘free-from’ products.

I am, however, able to take reasonably effective measures to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of these allergens to my nut and gluten-free products: preparing, assembling and packaging them using sterilised utensils and working areas, and at different times to standard cakes. 

I am happy to make vegan sponge cakes, but the absence of dairy and eggs from cakes does affect their stability when it comes to stacking them, please contact me to discuss how to incorporate them successfully.

Vegan cupcakes are a popular choice for customers who have a handful of vegan guests but would like their main cake to contain dairy and eggs.

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