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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all cake orders unless a variation has been agreed in writing. By ordering from Quite Contrary Cakes  you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and understand that these Terms and Conditions may be modified or amended from time to time and posted on this website.

Payments and Deposits:

We require a 50% Booking fee for all Wedding Cake order. By making the payment you are accepting the terms and conditions stated on this page.
Remaining balances for wedding cakes are due on or before 28 Days before the Delivery or Collection date. Celebration cakes are to be paid for in full at the time of booking. 
Failure to pay the remaining balance will result in your order being cancelled and the contract is null and void and booking fee will not be refunded. . 

Refunds and Cancellation:
Booking Fees for all cake orders are non refundable under any circumstances due to any loss of business from turning away other bookings for that date and any work carried out before the balance due date. This can include ordering supplies needed for your cake. They are non transferable unless otherwise agreed by Quite Contrary Cakes, subject to availability.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your order please email

Orders cancelled within 28 days of delivery date for wedding cakes will be non refundable. Payments above the booking fee amount before the balance due date will be refunded, unless work has begun.

In the very unlikely event I need to cancel an order I will give as much notice as possible and discuss arrangements for a suitable alternative. If you do not wish to accept the alternative arrangements we will give a full refund. We will not be liable for any additional costs incurred due to the cancellation of the order.


I will strive to create your cake exactly to the design description given, however the design may need to be altered for it to work on the cake. 

All cakes are hand crafted, because of this there may be slight variations in colour and the overall look of the cake.
Any photographs provided are used as inspiration only and there may be variations from this.
Any colour swatches provided will be matched as close as possible and there may be slight variations in colour.

If you need to change the design of your cake, please let me know as early as possible to ensure the change is viable.

Celebration cake designs may be amended up to 7 days before the collection date. 

Wedding Cakes designs may be amended up to 6 weeks before the wedding delivery date. The cost of the cake may change with the amendments and another order form will be written and need to be signed up to 4 weeks before delivery. After this point any other amendments will include an added fee.

We reserve the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control compromise the quality of the finished product. e.g. weather conditions. The Buyer will be notified of any such changes and we will endeavour to keep any changes minimal.

Non Edible Decorations and Materials:
If flowers are provided by an outside source we can provide flower picks.

You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt and other contaminants. Please make sure that the florist providing the flowers understands that they are to be placed on the cake and that they are not poisonous. We are not responsible for any flowers placed directly into the cake and for any of the above contaminations.
Non edibles must be removed before cutting and eating the cake. This includes structure dowels, flower picks, wired flowers, ribbons and lace.

Publication and Advertising

The photographs taken by us of your cake before or on delivery belong to Quite Contrary Cakes and the photos will appear on our website, Facebook page and any other social media accounts we hold or used in publications and advertising.

Returns and complaints:
Celebration Cakes - 

If you are unsatisfied with the design of the cake please inform me on collection for celebration cakes. At this point there may still be time to amend the cake design, so that you are happy with it.  If you wish to return the cake, please call 07588764328 at the earliest opportunity. Clearly explain the problem.

If the cake is damaged before collection, all efforts will be made to fix the damage. 

Quite Contrary Cakes are not responsible for any damage after collection.

However, if the cake is slightly damaged after collection then contact me and I will try to give advice on how to fix it. For example if a flower has fallen off the cake, I can talk you through how to stick it back on, so don’t panic!

Wedding Cakes -   
In the unlikely event that your wedding cake arrives damaged or any other problems regarding the cake, it is the customer’s responsibility to report the damage to us within 48 hours and send photographic evidence of the damage or problem within 7 working days if you wish to claim a refund. Refund amount will be subject to inspection of either photographic evidence or returned goods.

We are not responsible for any damages to the cake after set up is complete. This includes occasions where we are unable to set the cake up on the cake table due to the cake needing to be moved later in the day. You are responsible for providing an appropriate table and environment for the cake. Cakes are heavy and will need a sturdy table to support the weight. Also a cool room and out of direct sunlight. (they will melt!)
We will always endeavour to deliver within the given time slot, however unfortunately delivery timings can not be guaranteed. Refunds will not be given for delayed deliveries. If in the unlikely event the delivery is delayed, we will always endeavour to deliver the cake to you as close as possible to the given delivery time.
If you decide to collect the wedding cake, a collection note must be signed. Delivery and handling instructions will be provided. Quite Contrary Cakes is not responsible for any damages after collection.
The collection vehicle should have a flat surface and be clean and tidy, either the boot or the passenger side foot well. Never place the cake on a knee, this will damage the cake.

Looking after your Cake

Please store your cake in the delivery box in a cool room away from direct heat and out of direct sun. Please keep pets away from the cake. 
Please do not place your cake in the fridge, as this dries out the sponge and causes the icing to sweat, losing colour and shape.

Once cut wrap any cut edges in clingfilm to preserve the freshness.

The cake is best eaten within 48 hours of delivery. However it can last up to a week. 

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