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Celebration Cakes

A special occasion deserves to be marked, and there’s no better way than with one of my bespoke celebration cakes. A landmark birthday, someone popping the question, welcoming a new member of the family, a Christening or Baptism, celebrating an anniversary – whatever the happy occasion, I can create a cake that will make it even more delightful.


I absolutely adore creating celebration cakes, mostly because  not one is the same and usually they are a surprise for the recipient and it's so lovely to see their reactions! 

When it comes to the design of your bespoke cake,  we can take  into account any theme ideas you have, or any colours, hobbies or  passions, favourite toys or favourite TV programmes!  Maybe you would like something a little more elegant, with simple details?  The list is endless!

 So apologies now for all the questions, the more ideas the better!

My cakes are made using the freshest ingredients and are baked to order, so you can be sure that the cake you receive is truly delicious.  Your event won’t be complete without one of my attention-grabbing,          show-stopping celebration cakes that is sure to mark the occasion in the most unforgettable way.

Each tier consists of 4 layers of soft sponge and 3 layers of creamy filling. 

If you are ordering a multi-tiered cake then each tier  can be a different flavour, please click here for our Menu.






Pricing of your cake will depend on the size you require and also the chosen design, below gives you a guide for a very simply designed cake.

Single tier celebration cakes start from £80 

Two tier celebration start from £160

Additional tiers may be added.

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