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Taste the Difference

When you have your wedding date confirmed  you both can come for a consultation where we can try my cake and we can go through your ideas and come up with a perfect design for you both.

Its always lovely to meet couples to hear all about their special day, have a sneaky peak of the wedding dress and get to know you both before coming up with a design. I love anything weddings! Please don't panic if you are totally overwhelmed by this and have absolutely no idea what you would like your cake to look like, that's why I am here!

I find it super helpful if you could  bring any swatches or examples of invitations,  flowers etc  if this will help with your cake design and help me paint a picture of your day. 
We will also talk about your special day and other important details like delivery times and where/how the cake is being set up, just so you don't have to worry about anything and to ensure your cake is set up perfectly!.

If you are eager to get your cake booked and you're unable to meet or having a more simple cake design such as a naked cake, we can arrange a telephone consultation and can sample cake at a later date.

As I said during the consultation you will have the chance to taste some cake samples (I have been told this is the best bit of wedding planning) and to make the tricky decision of which flavours you would like for your cake! This is the bit I can't help you with unfortunately but I'm sure you will enjoying deciding. 

I also offer cake sample boxes via post*, so if you can not come to a consultation, you still get to have your cake tasting experience in your own home. Cake Boxes include 6 of my most popular flavours, with 2 portions of each so no need to share!

*If you would like to "try before you buy", cake sample boxes are available to buy. They're £20 including P&P which is then refunded against your booking fee if you decide to order.

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