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Slice of Cake

Size Matters

When it comes to the size of your wedding cake as standard, the cake cutting takes place after your evening guests have arrived, so its nice to included them in your calculation, unless the cake is served as a dessert then you don't need to include your evening guests.

I do however advise to under cater slightly as I dislike the thought of wasted cake! Or if you LOVE cake then cater for everyone and what your guests haven't eaten can be taken home.

 The size of a cake portion is 1" by 2" and usually the depth of the  cake will be 5-6 inch deep. 

Below I have crated a table to help you decide how big you would like your cake to be.

Prices for my wedding cakes vary greatly depending on the size, style and final design of your cake, once I have an idea of your design and the size I will happily provide a quote for you both. 



Delivery and Set Up

I deliver and set up all my wedding cakes personally, this is to ensure that your wedding cake is perfect and everything you have dreamed of. I also make sure all the fishing touches are in place, adding the cake toppers or arranging the flowers. I do charge a delivery fee calculated by the mile and time.

This will be added to the cost of your Wedding Cake.

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